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2022 Certificate.

IPS – Recognized as being “at the forefront of providing Document Management System solutions and transforming businesses – 2022”.

Because of MechWorks PDM’s ability to adapt to supporting today’s hybrid work environment, we are grateful to be recognized by CIOReview as being “at the forefront of providing Document Management System solutions and transforming businesses – 2022”. This recognition is a direct reflection of a strong partnership with MechWorks ( and once again proves that the overall flexibility of MechWorks PDM for vertical integrations allows customers to select best-in-class applications. At the core, [Offsite Mode] has greatly matured over the past year while many areas within MechWorks PDM were updated to embrace performance enhancements. Workflow enhancements include support for workflow branching (jump from one workflow into another), while also improving dynamic workflow states (conditional workflow states) as well as supporting parallel workflow states (taking advantage of the group workflow assignment utility). The advanced Workflow features within MechWorks PDM has proven to be critical for our customers to properly embrace IR/ECR/ECO/ECN processing that automate communications while ensuring documents’ access/visibility accordingly, embracing multiple department participation.

We are grateful for our customer relationships that have been critical in helping us improve MechWorks PDM and we look forward to helping our customers streamline their business processes. The employees at IPS hope to continue to build upon this recognition for successful business relationships in the years to come.

Please see the following article:    IPS-Recognition.

Enhancements within every release of MechWorks PDM.

Please note that each service pack of MechWorks PDM is likely to include new enhancements/functionality (not just bug fixes). It is recommended to always reference the latest Release Notes to ensure that your environment is taking advantage of these additional enhancements. As always, we recommend that all upgrades are initially installed within a test environment (not within your production’s environment) so you can properly validate updated applications. Once MechWorks PDM is installed, the Release Notes can be accessed from within the installation folder, usually:

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\MechWorks\MechWorks_PDM\relnotes.PDF

For example, with R20 Service Pack 2.0, there is a new [ABBREV_NAME] feature that is now supported. If you are already familiar with how MechWorks PDM supports the automatic method of populating Custom Properties with the user’s INITIALS, then being able to accomplish the same task for the user’s ABBREV_NAME will be very familiar. The goal of this new enhancement is to allow the Title-Block data to be populated with the ABBREV_NAME value where desired (in addition to the already supported methods). Reference the following example, any of the following could be easily populated within the Custom Properties of registered files:

  • JD7348129: This is the user’s login for Windows (noted within DBWarm).
  • Joseph Designer: This is the user’s referenced full name (noted within DBWarm).
  • JD: This is the user’s referenced initials (noted within DBWarm).
  • J. Designer: This is the user’s referenced abbreviated name (noted within DBWarm).

Compatibility – MechWorks PDM support details for latest versions of CAD applications.

With the latest versions of MechWorks PDM, (R20 build (sp2.0) will be released soon), please reference the [Compatibility] tab from each of the URLs below to validate the latest versions of the CAD applications that are supported. Currently, they are:

  • Solid Edge 2022
  • Inventor 2022
  • SolidWorks 2022
  • AutoCAD 2023
  • DraftSight 2021

As always, we recommend that existing environments properly test/evaluate an upgrade to the desired CAD application with the proper version of MechWorks PDM before deploying the updated applications within their production environment. For more on the compatibility for the various CAD versions, please reference the [Compatibility] tab from the following sites:

Each of the [Compatibility] tabs from the pages above contain additional details regarding supported operating systems, etc.