While all organizations strive to implement processes that ensure their existing designs are protected, reused, and referenced instead of being lost or copied to multiple locations – it can be a heralding task. This is especially true with legacy files, data, and processes. For example, migrating from a 2D CAD application to a 3D CAD application mandates that the physical files are managed differently. By adopting an application like MechWorks PDM, all new designs can be properly protected and managed but throughout time, organizations constantly have to adopt new processes as their environment evolves.

Some of the services that we have automated for customers over the years are:

  • Physical folder and file analysis and reporting, usually to identify and address:
    • duplicated files (physically the same file in different locations).
    • files that share the same physical name, but are unique files.
    • overall folder reduction by re-indexing folders and files for optimal performances.
  • Comparing and reporting metadata accuracy, usually to allow data to become synchronized between two or more disconnected sources:
    • validating which fields are identical or different between two or more databases.
    • validating which fields are identical or different with related data between a database and an Excel file.
  • Batch registration of legacy data, ensuring previous revision history is captured within MechWorks PDM.
  • Extracting specific information from a single string (perhaps a legacy file’s name) that is used to populate particular fields within a database (perhaps segregating the Part Number, the Revision, and the Description accordingly).
  • Process analysis and workflow optimization with email communications.
  • Integrations between MechWorks PDM and ERP/MRP/SAP applications.

Over the years, we have developed sophisticated processes with modular utilities that help with difficult tasks. Each project that we participate in is managed with care. We strive to provide the best-in-class partnership by swiftly becoming intimate with the project’s specific goals and tasks. We structure the project’s functions with sequential milestones that are thoroughly tested to ensure the desired results. While working on these custom services, one of our favorite mottos is “Communication and Visibility” — to build trusting partnerships and to eliminate surprises.