Organizations should be able to focus on getting the best-in-class applications for their specific needs. In other words, just like a word processing application is not a good substitute for a spreadsheet application, an ERP/MRP/SAP application is not a good substitute for a quality PDM/PLM application. Every application has its strengths but it also has boundary limitations. With MechWorks PDM as the foundation for properly securing and managing your design documents, distributing and communicating engineering information and engineering changes is second nature.

MechWorks PDM embraces open industry standards like .NET, SQL, and XML (and avoids proprietary name mangling and database file embedding/encryptions) to maintain vertical integrations. By embracing an open architecture that is based on core Microsoft standards, it becomes easy to automatically share Item Master record information as well as Bill of Material structures with ERP/MRP/SAP applications. By focusing on sharing and distributing design data with managed workflow events, multiple applications can be properly synchronized, ensuring that all departments within your organization are referencing the appropriately controlled data. By eliminating the manual process of re-entering the same Item Master and Bill of Material data within disconnected applications, organizations save time and eliminate costly mistakes (like transposing numbers within a Bill of Material).

Our solution and its workflows are flexible, allowing it to properly adapt to our customer’s dynamic environments. By taking advantage of open industry standards, MechWorks PDM is able to provide a superior distribution environment, pushing and pulling design data based on customer specific processes. By focusing on streamlining document management processes and establishing a Single Source Of Truth (SSOT), our customers are able to satisfy regulated requirements like FDA, FAA, and ISO. Our customers are able to promote integrations with multiple applications to ensure that their design data is being accurately accessed from all departments.