MechWorks PDM is a mature document management application that is installed with well documented help files. For many years, Integrated Partner Solutions has invested thousands of hours developing course training material including videos and manuals. The following URL provides visibility to some of the available manuals and brochures. The training manuals that are developed to support the core training curriculum are available for an annual fee. We also help organizations with custom training requirements that are focused on specific needs. Please contact us at to find out more about our training material.


            Brochures and Manuals





  1. How to login to the MechWorks web-site and download the available version of MechWorks PDM.
  2. How to resolve the message about having registered records with a NULL [ID] value.
  3. How to resolve the message about having to rebuild indexes – using the Administrative tools.
  4. How to resolve the message about having to rebuild indexes – using SQL Management Studio (includes a Maintenance Plan method).
  5. How to Activate the Previous Revision of a Part Model.
  6. How to Rollback to a Previous Revision.
  7. DBWAclServer installation/usage:
    1. R20 and newer DBWAclServer Service Installation and usage.
    2. R17 or older DBWAclServer Service Installation.
    3. Assign/update DBWACLServer security permissions against the registered files.
  8. Re-Align Data for Linked Records (Model and its Drawing).
  9. Updating MSG files to resolve “dictionary dialog messages” and “N.A.” labels within the interface.
  10. Updating Versions of…:
    1. How to update your MechWorks PDM HELP files.
    2. How to update the MechWorks Database Version (usually required after updating MechWorks PDM).
    3. How to update the DBWAclServer version on the File Server (usually required after updating MechWorks PDM).
    4. How to update the MechWorks PDM License Manager version (usually required after updating MechWorks PDM).
    5. How to update the quantity of licenses assigned by the MechWorks PDM License Manager (add/remove licenses).
    6. How to update from DBTools (auto-numbering) to MWAutoNumber.
    7. Additional documentation for supporting floating licenses for remote usage.
  11. How to change a record from its OBSOLETE state (back to RELEASED), using the THAWIT utility.
  12. Visual Cues – different creation/usage methods.
  13. How to move MechWorks PDM from old Servers to new Servers (Shared Resources, Services, Vault/Repository, and Database).
  14. Moving from legacy databases (DBWCust, DBWMat, and DBWorks) to a single DBWorks database.
  15. Mapping Database Fields to Title-Block Annotations – including the Revision Table…:
    1. MechWorks PDM to SolidWorks Drawings.
    2. MechWorks PDM to Solid Edge Drafts.
    3. MechWorks PDM to Inventor Drawings.
    4. MechWorks PDM to AutoCAD Drawings.
    5. MechWorks PDM to DraftSight Drawings.
  16. Activating MechWorks PDM LOGGING and including a SolidWorks RX recording – error capture and reporting.
  17. Introduction to the Database Analysis Utility.
  18. Take advantage of the SEARCH and FILTER functionality within MechWorks PDM.
  19. Use MWSelection utility to save MechWorks PDM environment connections to then be able to jump from one named environment to another (Production vs. Test).
  20. Best practice for creating and using a Test environment that is initialized from a copy of your Production’s environment.
  21. Configuring and using the Task Manager within MechWorks PDM.
  22. Configuring and using VPN Mode within MechWorks PDM (for remote users).
  23. Configuring and using Local Mode within MechWorks PDM (for remote users).
  24. Configuring and using Off-Site Mode within MechWorks PDM (for remote users) in version R20.
  25. Configure and use DBWarm Classes/Masks for record-level permissions.