We have years of technical experience in dealing with complex data management issues that have allowed us to develop many automation utilities to handle tasks from legacy registration needs to streamlining integrations with ERP/MRP/SAP applications. We have helped so many organizations with data migration and data cleansing processes that there is very little that we have not seen at this point. We look forward to data mining, data re-indexing, data integration, and process streamlining challenges.

Our dedication to building strong customer partnerships lead to methodical investigations that support the interrogation of data and processes management needs. We listen intently, interrogate methodically, and report accordingly so the goals of the overall project can be accomplished. Perhaps the most rewarding concept is that the planning phase of a project is at no cost to our customers, it is simply a service that we believe we are obligated to provide to ensure true success.

Some of the planning services that we have assisted customers with are:

  • PDM/PLM evaluations.
  • Batch legacy data migration – including previous revision history.
  • File promotion processing (AutoCAD DWG file to 3D CAD Drawing file).
  • Physical folder and file analysis and reporting, usually to eliminate duplicate files or to optimize performance.
  • Comparing and reporting metadata accuracy, usually to allow data to become synchronized between two or more disconnected sources.
  • Interrogating and extracting specific data from a single string that is used to populate specific fields within a database.
  • Process analysis and workflow optimization with email communications, often related to ISO, FAA, and FDA certifications.
  • Integrations between MechWorks PDM and ERP/MRP/SAP applications.

Regardless if your team is in its initial investigation and evaluating PDM/PLM applications, or your team is looking to integrate MechWorks PDM with your ERP/MRP/SAP application, we dedicate our efforts to your overall success. By combining our PDM/PLM knowledge, our overall expertise with MechWorks PDM and Microsoft SQL along with your team’s knowledge regarding your specific data and processes, it becomes the swiftest avenue for properly planning and documenting a streamlined project.