Help improve your teams’ productivity and overall knowledge of MechWorks PDM and process automation. Our training is focused on providing technical knowledge that is specific to the complex PDM/PLM tasks that begin with the engineering data along with securely sharing it throughout your organization. Our training is focused on a Single Source Of Truth (SSOT) for design related files along with a Single Point Of Data Entry (SPODE) for metadata. We provide core training classes as well as customized training to satisfy your specific needs. Small workgroup environments and large enterprise environments are greatly benefitted with proper training to build their overall confidence for moving forward.

It is our experience that training at your facility provides the most benefits because it allows for customer specific “What If?” scenarios and customer specific needs to be looked at in detail. It also allows the environment to be configured (during the training process) in the most efficient manner, because the goal is to provide training and to configure the environment at the same exact time. To satisfy flexible timeframe needs, we can also provide on-line training which allows the curriculum to be scheduled in 2-hour or 4-hour blocks of time. If off-site training is preferred to limit the daily interruptions for students, we can provide the training at local hotels and convention facilities.

Our trainers are experts with the complete suite of MechWorks PDM applications and we are directly responsible for developing MechWorks PDM training materials. Our trainers are skilled with multiple CAD applications like SolidWorks, Inventor, Solid Edge, AutoCAD, and DraftSight. Our trainers are also skilled with Microsoft .NET, Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Office, and Microsoft Operating Systems. Our trainers actively receive training on a regular basis to ensure that their training skillsets are polished and that they are taking advantage of the latest tools available to training environments.