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IPS – Recognized as being “at the forefront of providing Document Management System solutions and transforming businesses – 2022”.

Because of MechWorks PDM’s ability to adapt to supporting today’s hybrid work environment, we are grateful to be recognized by CIOReview as being “at the forefront of providing Document Management… Read More »

Enhancements within every release of MechWorks PDM.

Please note that each service pack of MechWorks PDM is likely to include new enhancements/functionality (not just bug fixes). It is recommended to always reference the latest Release Notes to… Read More »


Integrated Partner Solutions, Inc. was founded in 2001 with the focus on engineering document management needs well before it was a widely accepted industry. We have focused on evolving and maturing our flagship application, processes, and workflows while many of our competitors have completely changed directions many times. This stable foundation that we have been able to build from has allowed our customers to plan for longevity. Providing a vertical solution that can be used to easily search for and securely distribute documents is a passion for our team.

The fact is, your organization’s personnel should not have to manually reenter the same data in multiple locations. Locations like Title Blocks, Bills of Materials, File Properties, and Item Master records should all be able to reflect the same accurate data without ever having to be typed more than once. In addition, the physical files that represent a design should be easily located while maintaining secure revision controls. At its core, a good document management system will protect physical design files but a great document management solution also takes advantage of flexible process automation and vertical integrations with workflows that are specific to your organization’s needs.

By focusing on streamlining document management processes and establishing a Single Source Of Truth (SSOT), our customers are able to satisfy regulated industry requirements like FDA, FAA, Packaging, and ISO. With superior processes and standards, our customers are able to effectively focus on business growth and profitability by continuing to eliminate mundane day-to-day document management roadblocks. Our solution is extremely flexible allowing it to adapt and evolve as our customer’s environments dynamically change.