MechWorks PDM and QuadriSpace provide the complete 3D solution for SolidWorks®, AutoDesk Inventor® and Siemens Solid Edge® document management and technical illustrations/documentations. Our products also provide for direct integrations with AutoCAD, DraftSight, and Microsoft Office.

The core installation of MechWorks PDM provides the basic foundation for integrating with ERP/MRP/SAP applications. MechWorks PDM is available as an Integrated application (for 3D CAD users) and as a Standalone application (for 2D CAD and Microsoft Office users). For thin-client usage, MechWorks PDM is available on the Microsoft platform as the Web Client. For vertically integrating MechWorks PDM to ERP/MRP/SAP environments, the MWERPIntegration module provides the core integration features through CADLink or CADTalk partnerships.

QuadriSpace provides a direct integration with the 3D CAD design files for creating interactive technical documents (work instructions, illustrated catalogs, assembly instructions, marketing brochures, etc.) that can be published internally to the network or using a cloud service for global access.