Software Products  – Supported 3D CAD files                                                                                                                                 


An easy-to-use technical document authoring software application that enables authors to embed 3D models directly into the document creation environment. Right out of the box, Pages3D includes a powerful set of 3D tools for working with 3D models, parts lists and formatted text allowing anyone to author complete printed or interactive documents in minutes! Perfect for work instructions, illustrated parts catalogs, service and support documentation and product manuals. Pages3D Professional includes both page design tools and a powerful integrated set of 3D tools. This means that a single application can import 3D models, work with the 3D information, and position the 3D view, text, and other objects on the document page.


Allows you to create high-quality images, 3D PDF documents and cloud-ready illustrations from your 3D models. Use your original 3D CAD data to capture 3D views then add markups and balloons before publishing. Publisher3D provides a complete image, animation, and template-based 3D PDF creation package, making it easy to create high-quality communications from 3D models. Publisher3D includes many tools necessary to effectively use 3D for the generation of highly effective communication materials. Since illustrations and storyboards are based directly on the 3D model, content can be created faster and with higher quality.

Document3D Suite

Ultimate Software suite to create documents and illustrations from 3D CAD, as it is the combination of Pages3D and Publisher3D.


Free Viewer application for interactively viewing 3D documents created with Pages3D and storyboard-enabled models created with Publisher3D.

Share3D On-Premise Server

On-premise Server-Deliver 3D-enabled HTML5 documentation.

Share3D Cloud Services

Cloud Distribution Services-Share 3D electronic brochures, instruction catalogs, manuals and more in the cloud.


3D CAD Exporters 

Solid Edge Exporter

ExporterExport QuadriSpace models from Solid Edge

Inventor Exporter

ExporterExport QuadriSpace models from Inventor

SolidWorks Exporter

ExporterExport QuadriSpace models from SolidWorks

Rhino Exporter

ExporterExport QuadriSpace models from Rhino


Add-On Modules 

XLIFF Language Translation Module

ModuleExport/Import XLIFF for Language Translation