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MechWorks PDM Advanced Auto-Numbering.

See how MechWorks PDM can be used to automate the Save-As process, delivering the desired part number based on a classification selection process. MechWorks PDM is very configurable and provides for multiple Auto-Numbering methods. Sometimes the users need to be prompted for a number/name (could be for temporary needs), other times the users need a number automatically generated and assigned. Classifications allow for multiple number schema process definitions to exist. Classification can also be used to automatically populate additional values (Description) and to determine the vault folder location, eliminating users from having to navigate complex folder structure.

By eliminating users from navigating folder structures, files are no longer misplaced and references are no longer broken and duplicate files become a distant nightmare (one file, one truth). Even searching for files is possible based on the assigned classification process. Organizations can also incorporate additional security requirements (military type designs) based on the Auto-Number assignment process.

There are many more features that will be demonstrated during this webinar (using GoToMeeting) and we welcome your tough Auto-Numbering questions.

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