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MechWorks PDM Advanced Engineering Change Processing.

See how MechWorks PDM can be used to automate CR/CO/CN tasks (Change Request/Change Order/Change Notice) as well as IR tasks (Initial Release). Revision history is automatically managed within a secure environment. Implement advanced CR/CO/CN workflows with automated notifications while capturing approval signatures during the workflow routing process. CR/CO/CN records are used to properly manage relationships with design files and can also include associated attachments (mark-up files). Advanced change process features allow for the accurate delivery of change notice data upstream to ERP/MRP/SAP applications.

Ensure that engineering changes are not visible before they should be visible (ensuring parts are not being quoted/manufactured until they are properly approved). Searching is easy, fast, and allows for granular searching and extensive reporting as needed. Allow the related CN metadata (change description, approval date, approval user) from the database to be automatically populated into the Drawing title blocks. Ensure that multiple records that represent the single part number are properly linked together.

There are many more features that will be demonstrated during this webinar (using GoToMeeting) and we welcome your tough Engineering Change Process questions.

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